Thursday, 4 July 2013

Scene 64: 4Talent Day - Yay!

Just a quick post to mention that I went to a 4Talent Day in Lincoln yesterday. It was a great day, I made a new friend and did a workshop on standing out from the crowd - which talked about branding yourself, pitching yourself and networking on the internet - and I'm hoping to put some of it into practise over the next few days. 

I'd recommend the days to anyone interested in the media industry - and not only the production and on screen roles either, as several of the speakers pointed out, you can be the media industry and work in an office role, as a lawyer, or in HR, or in PR and marketing. 

There was a good variety of people, some writers like me, some people wanting to be producers, marketers, advertisers, some graphics designers - a really mixed bag! But I think everyone got something from the day, and I think all the speaker's gave everyone a real confidence boost. 

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