Thursday, 21 June 2012

Scene 25: Back from The Second Light Lab

I've just had a busy, but wonderful four days at the Second Light Producer's Lab in Nottingham. It's a workshop available to young people who want to go into the media so they can learn more about certain roles and gain skills - I think, check out the website for their official explanation of what they do. 

The workshop was also organised by the Producer's Forum, a sort of networking and information site for UK producers. 

Anyway, I have learnt a lot about producing this week and I feel much more knowledgeable about producing, as well as marketing and distributing from one of the speakers, Jon Reiss. I suggest indie filmmaker's check out his book Thinking Outisde the Box Office, which I believe was the basis for his talk to us. It's a really useful overview of making, marketing and distributing films in the newer, non-traditional ways. Includingcrowdsourcing and crowdfunding to make films,  putting films up on the internet and the benefits of organising film events. 

I also met some really friendly and interesting people on the workshop too - so in short, a great four days!

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