Friday, 9 January 2015

Review: Yonderland (Season 1)... and a Happy New Year!

Well it's whole new year - 2015, the Back to the Future year! - and I'm back blogging. I have to apologise for the two month hiatus, though I am very flattered to see I've still had some views over the past few weeks anyway! Thank you for that! 

So, let's kick start the year and dive straight into a review. This week I am reviewing the television series Yonderland. 

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Yonderland is a strange fantasy-comedy series about regular housewife and mum of twins Debbie. When the kids start school, Debbie finds herself stuck at home watching mid-afternoon television or making tea, until she discovers an elf in her kitchen cupboard. He has come to tell her that she is actually the Chosen One, meant to save the magically Yonderland from evil forces. 

Originally airing on Sky, Yonderland is a home-grown British series, created by the cast of the educational, and entertaining, children's programme Horrible Histories  - and just like in that show, the actors taken on various roles. The series also uses a lot of puppetry, with several regular puppet characters on the show - Elf and Nick the Stick who act as Debbie's guides, being the main ones. 

Copyright: Sky
Despite the fantasy elements and puppetry though, I felt the show seemed to be aimed at a more adult audience. Though the humour is silly and odd, it seems to be appealing more to adult sensibilities - such as the villain Negatus trying to have deathtrap installed and going other health and safety and fees with a salesman, as well as occasional sexual references.

However, in many ways I think this is what makes it so enjoyable. It has a wonderful nostalgic feel of the fantasy programmes you used to watch as kids - with quests, magical portals and puppets - but instead of a child in the hero role, there's an adult saving the day. 

I certainly got a strong sense of familiarity from watching the show. It reminded me of a programme I used to watch as a child, Roger and the Rottentrolls. It had a big cast of puppet trolls and similar sense of ridiculous humour - just like Debbie discovers in Yonderland that she appears to be the only one with common sense, the young lad Roger finds that the Rottentrolls can be pretty dim and childish. 

In summary

Yonderland is an amusing, nostalgic and fun comedy, perfect for watching on wet afternoons when you just want to relax. 

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