Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Review: Blue Jasmine

Being a tad cheeky today. I've been so absorded in catching up with Warehouse 13 that I haven't had time to watch anything else. So, since I'm sharing some of reviews from here on PopBucket, I thought I'd share a review I did on PopBucket here. So here is my review of the latest Woody Allen film, Blue Jasmine (2013).

Blue Jasmine is an emotional drama directed that follows the once rich and rather aloof Jasmine, played by Cate Blanchett, who goes to stay with her adoptive sister Ginger played by Sally Hawkins, after her life falls apart.

The film mainly focuses on Jasmine's attempts to restart her life, and flashbacks to her previous, glamourous life. But it also looks at Ginger and the relationship between the two women, who both seem to be the polar opposite of each other,  even down to their clothes. Jasmine wears chic outfits, whilst Ginger wears jean shorts and drips with bits of jewellery.
Jasmine is a complex character. Very well written and acted - and though I never felt I completely understood her, she is intriguing to watch. She has had nervous breakdown after losing everything, so she sometimes talks to herself, repeating things she said from her past. She seems cold and distant, broken up and shattered, yet at the same time she has a definite sense of pride and expectation - she is never going to stoop to bagging shopping like Ginger.  Jasmine also seems disconnected from the reality around her, like she's never quite grasping it - as she demonstrates when she tells Ginger she is broke, and then saying she flew first class. When Ginger questions this, Jasmine doesn't have an explanation, she flew first class.

The film is wonderfully shot, with a couple of particularly gorgeous scenes with San Francisco bay in the background and nice use of camera movement. I also like the contrasting colours of the sets, from Ginger's exotic, ramshackle apartment to Jasmine's elegant home old home.
The DVD includes a couple of interesting special features, which are basically interviews with the cast on the red carpet and at a conference, but a behind the scenes feature would have been nice as well.
In summary
A interesting character study of a complex, tragic woman, beautifully played by Cate Blanchett. The film has wonderful, believable performances from the rest of the cast and nice cinematography. Worth a watch once, but perhaps not a film I'd re-watch much due to the heavy subject material and tone.

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