Sunday, 23 February 2014

News: Launching People Competition

Well, I'm doing something different today. Instead of a review I wanted to put up a short post about a competition I'm entering. It's called Launching People, its run by Samsung and its giving ambitious people an opportunity to be mentored by the best in four different industries - music, cooking, photography and film. 

I have entered the film section, where you can win the opportunity to produce a short film with actor and director Idris Elba - of The Wire and Luther fame!

My entry is a short sci-fi called Protect and Sacrifice that looks at the ethical and moral dilemma of whether people should let others sacrifice their lives for them, and what it does to the saved person. 

It was inspired by, as a scriptwriting colleague of mine said, the plight of the red shirts. I was watching an episode of a sci-fi series, and as usual a minor character died saving a main character's life. This isn't unusual, but the main character actually thought about it for a second, and then just moved on - I felt this was rather unsatisfactory, and wished the episode had gone further and addressed the main character's feelings more. Sci-fi shows don't often really question or explore the fact that characters in important roles have to cope with many people dying trying to protect or help them - with perhaps the exception of Doctor Who. 

So that's the basic theme of the script. I created two opposing characters to voice the different sides of the argument, two scientists working on a base in the future. The firts, Cooper, is a sensitive and very ethical young man who realises that many soldiers may end up dying for him if he continues to work at the base - making him wish to quit. The second character is Edyson, an arrogant genius, who isn't bothered about the soldiers protecting her. Partly because its their job, and partly because she sees herself as more important than them. Unfortunately Cooper has to talk to her about quitting, and they end up arguing the matter - whilst the base is under attack. 

For the competition I had to create a short 2-minute film pitching my idea, which you can see if go to Launching People on Facebook

I also drew some rough sketches of the aliens attacking the base, futuristic lab coats, ID cards etc, below.

The competition is based on public support/votes, as well as the mentor's judging. So if you feel inclined, I'd really appreciate any support!! 

And if you're a creator of Food, Film, Photography or Music I suggest you check it out as well!

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