Sunday, 8 April 2012

Scene 8: Shot on the Canon Ligria HF R206

Today I've been playing with my new camera, a Canon Ligria HF R206. It was bought for me so I could shoot a commericial DVD for a family member - as I hadn't got round to finding a camera myself - and I've decided  to buy it from my family and do other projects with it after I've finished the DVD, as it seems to be an excellent camcorder. 

So far I've just done a test run in AUTO mode, but the camera also has a flexible recording mode where you can use white balance, manual focus and tele-macro, among other options. All options I wanted, as I have used semi-pro before and want to learn how to control the image more manually. It also has an LCD touchscreen and comes with a stylus, which is handy as I'm not used to touchscreens - I find scrolling particularly tricky. It takes HD footage, of course, and I am very happy with the quailty of the footage I've shot so far. 

I've managed to upload some footage I took this morning. So far I've found that because I have a MacBook the only way I can get my files onto the computer is through importing them through iMovie. 

Now personally, I prefer Final Cut Pro (FCP) to iMovie, or rather I prefer Final Cut Express (FCE) as that is what I have on my MacBook, so I have found a way of exporting the footage I took this morning and put into FCE so I can use it in there.

I was going to upload a short reel of the footage but I am having problems uploading it to my blog. Once I've figured out how to fix that I shall put it up.

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