Saturday, 4 February 2012

Scene 1: Opening Film Titles

Welcome to yet another blog in the internet universe. In this blog I want to talk about media - specifically film, TV and radio/audio. 

I first wanted to go into the media industry because I wanted to be scriptwriter, and still do, but I had not really been a huge film fan beforehand. I only really started learning more about the who's who in films after college, when I found myself working in a film company with people who knew much more about film history me. 

I had not seen most of the film classics, and I had not studied Film Studies either - something quite different from my practical media course at college. 

So, not wanting to be left behind I started to do some research. I began to watch Film 2011/12 regularly and watch trailers on Imdb. I somehow managed, during an Internet search, to find myself reading about Breathless, Jean-Luc Godard and the filmmakers of the New Wave/Nouvelle Vague - which led me to even watched Les Mepris! 

I learnt about Stanely Kubrick and Ken Russell - a director I had merely tripped over once, thanks to his connections to literature - from a DoP friend of mine. I watched documentaries on BBC4 and bought The 400 Blows.

And the more I've learnt, the more I've enjoyed film; and now I want to explore films and talk about film, in fact not just film - but TV, and the media industry, and all cultural, historical and behind-the-scenes stuff that is interconnected and entangled with the moving image. 

So, my dear audience and media industry people, this is why I am writing this blog, let's go and explore... 

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